Should we tell our children the truth that there is no such thing like Santa Claus?

Christmas is the time of the year when it is common to see children sitting on the lap of Santa Claus, telling him what they want for Christmas. This is a direct request from the children. But many times, kids want to write a letter to Santa to tell him about the toys that they desire as Christmas gifts. It is then a very pleasant surprise if Santa Claus wrote back the children. But we all do know who writes the Santa letters. It’s the parents who either write them or ask others to write it for their kids.

The Christmas stocking is the other way of making kids fool, that Santa will put a present for them. And again, it’s the parents who fill it with a present. My parents also used to send Christmas chocolate online to me with the name of the Santa clause and I love to receive it. On every Christmas, I used to wait for my Christmas chocolate box send by Santa. I grew up with all these childhood myths in which my parents played a great role. I was extremely curious about Santa Claus stories. I was very excited by talking to Santa in the supermarkets and love to see him at Christmas parties. And then I have slowly grown up and find out the fact that there is no such thing like Santa Claus in the real world. By knowing it, it seems that someone has broken up my heavenly princess castle that it has built over the years. I was shattered and started thinking that my parents are a big liar. They always advise me to tell the truth and they themselves become the part of the big lie.

Now when I saw kids getting fascinated by the Santa and expecting gifts from him I feel sorry for them. When they will know the reality they will also get shattered like me. And their parents are also doing the same as my parents did when I was a child, then I find myself in a spider web of thoughts that what’s right? Should it is morally and ethically fine to tell the kids a false story and become a part of a drama for making them happy on Christmas? Why we are making the kids fool? One day all the glamor of this Santa clause will vanish and they will complain their parents for that. They will tear all the letters of Santa Claus which they once keep in a safe secret box.


Author’s bio: She is a world renowned chef who specializes in baking and confectionary. Having several years of experience in this field, she contributes interesting articles to the website and many others.

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