6 worst birthday party trends

Birthday parties are always a fun especially for kids. The fantasy of cakes, decorations, amazing meals and birthday games, keep up the interest of the kids and adults. But there are few birthday trends that I wish could go away. They keep on making me bored and sometimes irritable. They also annoy you knowingly or unknowingly sometimes.

Here I am identifying the 6 worst trends, and hope that those who read this blog don’t get the blunder of repeating them again

  • Not distributing goody bags:

The birthday parties are amusing gathering for kids. But at the same time when they saw the birthday child receives a lot of gifts and toys they feel a bit greedy. Some kids hide their greed behind some annoying behaviors. They started to disturb other children and behaves in an anonymous manner which their parents comments that he don’t do it normally. These things get controlled a bit when children get the goody bags. That’s why the goody bags are a must have item on their birthday parties if you are inviting kids.

  • Opening gifts in front of guests:

Gifts are for the birthday child, not for the guests. Gift are also not a showpiece to be displayed. Gifting is a part of sharing love. It should be remained between the birthday child and the gift giver. Opening gifts in front of guest show that you are enrolling guests to participate in a race for your next birthday party, that who is gifting the best thing which makes your child happy the most.

Similarly, there is the probability that the child likes one gift more than others. Disliking someone’s gift in front of all the guests will make them feel uncomfortable. So the wise idea is to open the gifts once all the guests have gone.

  • Fake birthday gift promises:
  • If you are not giving anything to your child on birthday, then why makes him awaited for your birthday gift by fake promises. May be you are making a promise for a good reason and don’t have any intentions of not fulfilling it at that time. And as time passes you forget about it, but the kids don’t. They remember what thing is being promised. It’s better to send chocolates online than to make a phone call and keep the child waiting for a gift which will never come.
  • Giving cash to the child:

Kids are curious about the gifts, by gifts I mean something material. It can be toys, cloths, box of cookies and candies or any things, but it should not be cash. The cash goes straight to the mom’s handbag and then get vanished forever. So how it could be good for a child?

  • Only allow your child to invite one or two friends:

Birthdays is the time for your child to enjoy which whom he likes. He is not interested in your office colleagues, neighbors and friends to come at your place to see how amazing your home is or how expensive your crockery is. Kids want fun with their age fellows on their birthday. Letting your child to invite a few friends from class makes him confuse which one to pick and which one to drop from the list. It’s his day and he deserves to invite his friends. So give him an open hand.

  • Bursting balloons:

The balloon decoration is done for making the child happy. It simply looks good on birthday. Bursting the balloons just after the cake cutting in done is very annoying. It also hurts the birthday child. Sometimes the babies started crying with the sound of the little burst and the old get annoyed. Balloons are for decoration, so don’t burs them for your fun.


Author’s bio: She is a world renowned chef who specializes in baking and confectionary. Having several years of experience in this field, she contributes interesting articles to the website http://www.expressgiftservice.co.uk and many others.

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