Best handmade gifting ideas for friend (female)

Gifts are a way of expressing our affection and love towards someone. When it comes to our friends, we wish to push the envelope further and surprise them with nothing but the best. Though the market is flooded with a variety of splendid gifts, there is a unique charm around the handmade gifts. They need not be as lavish and expensive as readymade gifts but certainly, have more value than them. After all, it is your loving gesture that counts the most.

Along with your special handmade gift, you can also send chocolates online to your girlie to make for a complete birthday gift. This will leave them pleasantly surprised.

Here is a list of best handmade gifts for your girl pal:

  • Dreamcatcher

Dream catchers are splendid decor items. They are one of the prettiest gift items which would be loved by your girlie. You can make a dream catcher with the help of colorful feathers and fairy lights. You can also attach some pictures in the catcher will help of colorful ribbons or strings. For a monochrome look instead of various colors, you can opt for feathers of the same color in different shades.

  • Jewellery box

Jewelry boxes are as precious to girls as their jewelry. You can buy a plain box from any shop or get a customized wooden box made. You can then cover it with dark blue or red velvet and add embellishments such as mirrors, pearls, and stones.

  • Footwear

While you can certainly not make footwear at home, what you can do is add to the charm of simple footwear and make it funky. One of the best ideas is to buy plain flip flops or flat sandals and wrap the straps with ribbon or wool. You can paste flowers, butterflies, and beads for a beautiful look. Your girlie would love to flaunt them!

  • Embellished Handbag

If you possess the skill of stitching, you can make a plain bag, but others can buy a plain handbag from shop or flea markets. Denim or other fabric will do. Now, you can add bows, flowers, beads or pearls to give a beautiful touch and make it aesthetically attractive.

  • Lamp/ Vase

If you are good at crafts, you can make a beautiful lamp or flower vase at home. Take a cylindrical glass or plastic object and adorn it with pastel colors, glitters or acrylic paint and your vase is ready. For a lamp, you can put some fairy lights in the cylindrical object. The light that exudes from inside will enhance the look of your paint and glitter work on its outer surface.

  • Bangle/ Earring stand

Girls always complain about losing their favorite pair of bangles or earrings. So you can gift them a beautiful bangle and earring stand which can be bought from the market and decorated by you with the help of paints and ribbons.

  • Scrapbook

You can make a scrapbook with memorable pictures and personalized message for your friend. You can get testimonials from other friends as well.

You can send chocolates by post on the same day of booking.


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