Five ways to make up with your lover after a huge fight

After a huge and a long fight, it becomes impossible for us to stay happy or smile once without solving the matters with our lover. We cannot stay away from them and neither can we continue fighting with them. Fighting becomes exhausting and after some time it is not healthy as well. However, our ego stops us from apologizing when we know we should apologize first. If the fight is not that bad and your boyfriend have not been very violent or have hurt you physically, then keep few minutes just for yourself and think with a rational mind what faults you both have exactly committed.

It may have been him and it may have been you, but he is not saying sorry first then you do. Yes, you apologize first and try to solve the matters and if you still feel he should have done something, then tell him with a calm mind what have he done that have affected you a lot. In the meantime, read this guide on how to apologize to him after your huge fight.

  • Take the first step by calling him or messaging him at first and if you are with him, then start by initiating basic conversations and talk to him about his career or other things going on in his life. Go and sit beside him and make him some tea or any drink he will like. Try to behave normally and see what his reaction is. If he is very angry and doesn’t want to communicate with you, then do take the help of your close family and friends who can intervene and solve the matter, but only do so if he does agree with it.
  • Give him something sweet to eat and start your relationship on a sweet note once again. If he likes cakes, then order some online. Some shops do follow same day cakes delivered and this surprise will surely make him smile.
  • Make him a sorry card and write down whatever you feel for him. He will be touched by this gesture of yours.
  • Make him fall in love with you again by writing love letters for him. Love letters are still some of the best thing out there waiting for you to explore them. Write whatever you feel and give your love letters to him, and then he will surely fall in love again.
  • Take him out for a romantic date night and while dancing waltz or eating a nice meal tell him how deeply sorry you are and this setting and ambience will surely make him accept your apology. Who knows he might realize his mistakes as well.

Now go and do say sorry to your love with the help of these unique ways. These will melt his heart for sure and he will be genuinely affected by your deep concern for him. He will realize how much you value your relationship and it is about “us” first not about your individual egos anymore. This will be another stepping stone for your relationship and you will both feel glad afterwards.


Author’s bio: She is a world renowned chef who specializes in baking and confectionary. Having several years of experience in this field, she contributes interesting articles to the website and many others.

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