Health Benefits of Chocolate

Chocolate is called as the most sinful of foods, with its inimitably delicious flavour. Chocolates are the subject of major conjecture. No one is sure about the harmful impact or benefits of chocolates. Here chocolates refer to ones made of cocoa solids and vegetable oils rather than sweetened dairy items having artificial chocolate flavour.


Recently, health benefits of chocolates are being recognized widely.

Here are some of the health benefits of pure chocolate:

  • Reduces blood pressure: From a health point of view, consuming small portions of dark chocolate on a regular basis has the same positive impact like a few regular sips of wine. Chocolates help reduce blood pressure and are thus a delicious alternative for those suffering from high blood pressure and heart disease. Chocolates are rich in flavonoids- compounds that help in fighting thickening of blood and help in broadening the blood vessels.
  • Improve stamina: One of the least known benefits of chocolates is its ability to provide brief spurts of stamina levels. This is caused by a relatively less known element – epictechin, which is found in chocolates of high grade. This element helps in better cardio-vascular health and improves stamina, to take up more heavy physical activity.
  • Lowers cholesterol: Dark chocolate is a well recognized enemy of bad (LDL) cholesterol. This type of cholesterol is found in the form of plaque attached to the arteries and can cause heart disease.
  • Improves mental acuity: Chocolates stimulate the production of Serotonin. Higher serotonin levels uplift the mood causing us to feel happy and reduce our stress levels. One can think clearly and with greater focus with this better frame of mind. Little wonder that chocolate combined with caffeine is recommended for students to write exams as it helps their mind to function sharply for some hours. It is also rich in flavonols, which increase circulation of blood in the brain, leading to regeneration and repair of brain cells.
  • Improves skin: Chocolates are skin friendly to the extremes, contrary to popular perception that it aggravates acne. It helps in better blood circulation, which helps skin cells fight infection, maintains suppleness and resists wrinkles caused by free radicals. Chocolates also help fight discolouration of skin. This is why persons with dull or discoloured skin are subject to chocolate treatments.
  • Better teeth: Contrary to popular belief, a sweet tooth for chocolates helps in fighting cavities. One unique compound in teeth called as theobromine helps in cementing the tooth enamel, which makes it immune to bacteria causing cavities. Theobromine is now used in mouthwashes as well as in cough syrups.
  • Good anti-oxidants and fats: Fats contained in chocolates are goof for health. They contain Oleic acids- a monounsaturated fat also found in olive oil. Antioxidants are also found in dark chocolate, which fights the damage wrought by free radicals. Free radicals cause tissue damage, induce aging and weaken immune system.

Now that the health benefits of chocolates are clear, don’t hesitate to indulge in a small quantity of chocolate regularly. If you wish to send get well soon wishes to a sick friend or relative, send chocolate hampers next day delivery available all over UK.


Author’s bio: She is a world renowned chef who specializes in baking and confectionary. Having several years of experience in this field, she contributes interesting articles to the website and many others.

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