Chocolates work wonders

The word “chocolate” itself brings smile on our face and leaves our mouth-watering. People of all age group such as kids, women and men love this delicious treat. It is an irresistible dessert, which brings life to all festivals like Birthdays, New Year, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, wedding, etc.

Chocolate originated in Spain and became popular around the entire globe. Chocolate liquor is its main ingredient. It is originally sweet and brown coloured, which is due to cocoa solids and has been famous since ancient times. It was used as a drink in olden times. Chocolate industry is flourishing on a large scale in U.S.A and U.K. and Cadbury is ruling the hearts of people almost everywhere.

It is well-liked not only for its taste, but also for its health benefits. It provides emotional, psychological, mental as well as physical support to people. Some of its health benefits are given below:

  • It regulates blood pressure.
  • Dark chocolates lower the cholesterol of the body.
  • Other one of the important benefits is that it correlates with body mass index.
  • Regulates the mood of women during menstruation etc.
  • It reduces stress, which is a stigma of modern society.

Chocolates are now a popular ingredient in major food items and dishes. For example, it is used in making cakes, biscuits, cookies, milk shakes, pizzas, ice creams, puddings, etc. Due to its delicious flavour, it is used majorly in desserts, which enhance the quality of any special occasion or make any simple day an occasion.

Chocolates are of different types which are discussed as follows:

  • Pure, unsweetened chocolate: This is bitter chocolate without sugar. Usually, it is not suitable for eating and used only for baking purposes.
  • Milk chocolate: This is sweet and contains 10-20% cocoa solids and 12% milk solids. Most popular due to its pleasurable taste. Basically, it is used in cookies.
  • White chocolate: Sugar, milk and cocoa butter without cocoa solids are its main ingredients. Due to absence of cocoa solids, it is white in colour. In some countries, it is not even categorized as chocolate due lack of cocoa solids.
  • Dark chocolates: It contains high cocoa solids with no or very little milk. It has usually bitter taste but this is the healthiest variety of chocolates. These are the least admired.

Chocolate making as an art

Making chocolates is an art. It is emerging as a huge form of art as its making and presentation is highly commendable. Housewives and people who are not working outside their homes are learning and excelling in this skill. As a gift, it is the most wanted stuff. Both giver and receiver of the gift are satisfied with this present. Its attractive packing wins the heart of the customers.

Chocolate delivery in UK, U.S.A, Russia, India and many more countries is possible now in just one click. Internet has made chocolate available easy to all. As a gift, one can send and receive them without any inconvenience. Chocolate delivery is now an easy affair, which is well managed by online shopping websites in today’s modern world.


Author’s bio: She is a world renowned chef who specializes in baking and confectionary. Having several years of experience in this field, she contributes interesting articles to the website and many others.

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