Chocolate help you to be thinner and reduce waistline.

Chocolate craving is at the top when you are on a diet plan. And this thing is the most pinching for me. I couldn’t start a weight loss program for many years with the fear that I have to say goodbye to my darling chocolates. Then I come across this amazing fact about chocolates. It seems like a dream come true. Chocolate not only didn’t hinder in your diet plan program, but also help you to be thinner. On the bases of this research now I used to send chocolate online to my friends who are on a diet plan or who plan to be thinner and also order them for my self.

The research is done by Beatrice Golomb researchers from the University of California. He uses the data of data from a study of cholesterol-lowering drugs on healthy adults. The new research took into account how often the study’s subjects ate chocolates and how this related to their weight management. The original study included 1000 individuals between the age groups of 20-85, with an average Body Mass Index of 28 (overweight, but not obese).

Golomb’s research found that “people who ate chocolates often, consumed higher calorie food – especially saturated fats, but still lost weight. On the flip side, the study revealed that individuals who consumed far less chocolates, weighed more than the chocolate lovers.”

Research also revealed that people who regularly eat chocolate tend to be thinner than people who don’t eat chocolate at all. Unfortunately scientist still doesn’t recommend you to eat piles of chocolate bars, bowls of chocolate ice cream and a pound chocolate mousse cake. Nevertheless, the study adds to growing evidence that chocolate contains compounds that, in moderate doses, may alter metabolism, boost the energy efficiency of cells, and reduce the fraction of calories consumed that get deposited as fat. The findings suggest that a square of chocolate after dinner most nights could help counter bulging waistlines. Eating low calorie food is a must have when trying to lose weight with chocolates to get maximum benefit out of it.

The main thing which supports chocolate consumption is that:

  • Compounds in chocolate may alter metabolism, reducing the fraction of calories that turn to fat.
  • Only eat dark chocolate with 60 to 70 percent cocoa.
  • Eat a small proportion of chocolate. A small piece or two are enough in a day.

Some other reasons to eat chocolate

Francisco Villarreal, a cardiology expert who is also a professor of medicine at UCSD Said that People have been tuned in to the health benefits of chocolate for at least 5,000 years. He was also a supporter of consuming chocolate on the daily basis to get maximum benefit out of them. But he is not affiliated with the new study. He also said that I used to recommend taking daily a small piece of dark chocolate to my patients with cardiovascular diseases.

In modern times, researchers have linked chocolate consumption to a bunch of good health outcomes, including lower risk of cardiovascular disease, lower blood pressure, lower levels of bad cholesterol along with higher levels of good cholesterol, and increased sensitivity to insulin, which helps maintain steady blood sugar levels.


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