Tips to Send Chocolates by Mail

Chocolates are one of the most delicious treats in the world. They may be consumed in different forms like bars, cookies, drinks and cakes. One may want to share these delightful treats with loved ones.

But before you start thinking about sending chocolates by post, one must take into consideration the condition of these chocolates post delivery. This is because chocolates melt easily, and are very delicate to handle. In fact, their melting temperature is little below the human body temperature. This is why chocolate melts in your hands and mouth.

As such sending chocolates by post is a difficult proposition. Here are some tips to help your chocolates arrive in top condition:

Send the right form: If you are keen on sending chocolates, send it in forms that will not melt or decompose easily. Instead of sending chocolate bars or fudge, send chocolate chip cookies, hot cocoa mix or chocolate brownies. Though the latter have all the delicious taste of chocolate in them, they contain less cocoa butter, which is responsible for melting and as such are less likely to melt in the mail.

The right timing: Sending chocolates at the end of the week most certainly will see them languishing in storage before they are delivered. This increases the chance of their melting. Online stores are not adept at storing chocolate, and your hamper of chocolates are more likely to decompose into chocolate sauce at the time of delivery. You would do better if you order at the beginning of the week when it will be shipped quickly. In fact, do invest in quick delivery like chocolate delivery on the same day. Also make sure that the recipient must sign on delivery of chocolates so that they are not left outside.

Send it with professionals: Suppose a birthday is coming up, and you want to send chocolate covered do- nuts.  If you try sending it on your own, the do-nut will surely perish before delivery. The better option is to order chocolates online where the company will deliver the chocolates in good condition. You can even send chocolate brownies using online stores.

There are some tips if you plan to send chocolates by post:

•        Keep the chocolates cold: If you want to keep the chocolates cold for a long time, ensure that they are refrigerated till the time of packing.

•             Make sure that there is adequate space in the package.

•             Use Mylar bubble wrap to insulate the package.

•             Packing material like Kraft paper, newspaper etc can also be used.

Online companies delivering chocolates are highly recommended when you want to consider sending chocolates by post. There is the option of a hand written post card so that you send a personalized message during the checkout in the gift card message box. All their boxes will be decorated such that each box is unique and special. Make use of the facility of chocolate delivery in UK. This can be used to send chocolates safe and sound.


Author’s bio: She is a world renowned chef who specializes in baking and confectionary. Having several years of experience in this field, she contributes interesting articles to the website and many others.

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