CHRISTMAS CHOCOLATES- Adding temptations to your Celebrations

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Christmas is a holiday that celebrates the birth of the Jesus Christ. As the birth, date of the Christ is unknown to any one, or at least the exact date is not recorded because in those days birth dates were not considered important. So in some 4th or 5th century pope Julius chose 25th of December to celebrate the great day. Today Christmas is celebrated worldwide in a variety of ways. For instance, in Brazil, a Turkey dinner is made on the eve of Christmas and Saint Nicholas brings presents for children on December 6th. In Finland Christmas is three-day event, starting the day with rice porridge and plum fruit juice in the morning, also people visiting the cemetery and lighting candles on the graves of their loved ones. Similarly, in Portugal Father Christmas leaves gifts under the tree or in shoes near the fireplace, dinner speciality is salted codfish with boiled potatoes eaten at midnight of the eve.

The historical figure of Santa dates back to 4th century, where a shy bishop in Turkey named Saint Nicholas used to leave goodies for children. In some parts of Europe the Saint was called as the Sinter Klass and made it a tradition to put shoes by the fireplace to receive gifts in. The same legend travelled from Europe to the lands of America when the European settlers migrated there. Soon the Sinter Klass was known as the Santa Claus. Today Santa Claus is depicted as a grandfatherly figure with a round belly and a bushy white beard always wearing an eccentric furry costume of red and white colour. This is a very popular costume of the Santa Claus all over the world.

Christmas is popular for many things, like special Christmas menu, Christmas tree, new dresses for the eve of Christmas, and most important is the gifts from Santa Claus. Christmas Eve is celebrated by the people of all ages, but the joys and over flowing happiness on the faces of the kids is evident when they are expecting the gifts from the Santa Claus. And this joy increases many fold with the Christmas chocolate gift baskets, full of yummy chocolates of all types. Children and teens, in fact people of all ages are addicted to the chocolates, the delicious, and scrumptious melting taste in the mouth is ecstatic. In addition, the chocolates are more affectionate and real gifts than magical castles disappearing without a trace.

Christmas meals include dinners, lunch, brunch, and yummy breakfasts. Christmas meals menu usually include, pork ribs or pork belly or pork chops, turkey, Christmas cake, Christmas pudding, baked fish, lamb ribs, and many traditional food vary from region to region. Christmas day celebrations are made by decorating the homes also. People use variety of ornamentation, as houses are usually arranged with wreaths, angels, gnomes, stars, and many such legendary things. Christmas tree is arranged with a star on the top of it and tinsel and ornamentation is added to it.

The occasion is a high season for snacks and candy. Enormous amounts of chocolate, tarts, and pastries are present in every home. Our Christmas chocolate gift baskets consist of all the desired essentials that can be ordered and delivered to the loved ones, and is just a phone call away. Online orders are also taken. Unique packaging and presentation is an add-on, keeping in view the artistic likes of the customers and how much they want to express their feelings through the gift they are offering. One just has to make a selection and any additions are made on the demand of the customer. We want to make your celebrations originally sweet and tasteful with the variety of chocolates we select cautiously from different regions of the world. We always offer something new and unique that has never been offered before.


Author’s bio: She is a world renowned chef who specializes in baking and confectionary. Having several years of experience in this field, she contributes interesting articles to the website and many others.

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