Merry Christmas

Christmas is a beautiful occasion, so full of stories, celebrations, hopes, happiness and good spirit. Regardless of our religion, we all secretly hope Santa would come sneaking and leave us presents. The mere mention of Christmas gifts fills us with the bundles of joy. It is said that in southern United States in around 1844 “Christmas Gift” was used as an expression. On Christmas morning, everyone would rush to say “Christmas gift”. The one who first say the word was supposed to be given a gift by the person being told the word.


Gifts, especially Christmas chocolate gifts are very easy to deliver these days, still picking and giving Christmas gifts is a long process. People spend over a month planning about whom to gift, what to gift and how to gift. Here are some ideas for your help.


1. Do a secret Santa- Send your close ones a gift anonymously. You can secretly leave a gift for your children, something they have wanted for long. You can also play the game of secret Santa. Gather your friends; write each of their names on a piece of paper. Fold it and put it in a bowl. Circulate the bowl among friends, let them pick up a paper and ask them to keep the name secret. The person will gift to the person whose name is in the paper drawn and that too anonymously.

2. Make a gift of bacon or baked - When the traditional gifts are not interesting enough, it is good to swap it for something unconventional and personal. For those, who love bacon or baked stuffs, make them something loaded with sweet. Make the chocolate bacon or chocolate cakes or cookies.


3. Last minute shopping- If you are doing a last minute Christmas take it simple. Gift them something they love like premium tea or coffee and books for ones who love reading books. Make a list and avoid temptations.

4. Do It Yourself. Yes, DIY gifts - They are so trendy, inexpensive and have more emotional value. There are so many videos and tutorials for making gifts yourself. They need your time and effort and are fun to do.


5. Poem or short story- If you have that writing skill in you, you can write a short poetry or short story dedicated to them. You can make a collection and put it in a diary or you can get it framed.


6. Vouchers- They are not impersonal as they sound. Vouchers will give them freedom of shopping expression. With them, they can indulge into things they might not do otherwise. There are discount vouchers for goods and vouchers for services like spa, saloon, and movie. This way you don’t have to worry about gifting something they might not like.

Christmas gifts are an experience. Right decision will make them wonderful for both the parties, the one who is giving and the one who is receiving. Don’t let one wrong decision spoil it for you or them. Make their day special by sending the perfect one!


Author’s bio: She is a world renowned chef who specializes in baking and confectionary. Having several years of experience in this field, she contributes interesting articles to the website and many others.

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