Last minute gift ideas

That special day is just around the corner! So much excitement and the promise of fun lead the way – but you are not enjoying this anticipation; because you have still not decided on the gifts to give away. Here is a list of life-saving last minute gift ideas, which will not only save you from embarrassment, but also allow you to enjoy without too much effort. Check them out:

Handmade card

For the art freak or the creative dreamer kind of personality, this is no big deal. I have seen creative people making a handmade card in fifteen minutes flat! The card can be an all paper affair with drawing, sketch or painting on the front, or an amalgamation of various materials like dried leaves, fabric, wire, even kitchen staples! All you need is some imagination. Not feeling particularly spunky? Well then, get someone to make a card for you! Or try a collage of all pictures of you and the person/people in whose honour the celebration is. This does not take a lot of time or effort and looks really inspired.

Gifts online

Not much time left and you are running out of ideas – we know. But panic is not the solution to any problem. Internet is! Log on to the wide plethora of gifting websites for the answer to your problem. Pick something which is unique, matches the personality of the recipient and also gets delivered to your place or theirs in time. Many personalization options are also available online. Generic gifts like a chocolate gift, writing equipment and stationery and decorative items are available in plenty.

Raid the local gift shop

Sounds clichéd? Don’t worry – not all stores are the same. Sometimes, if your luck is in the better side, you may stumble upon the most perfect of gifts in such a store. Many things are not the most unique, agreed – but good possibility that the “one” is lying right where you are not looking.

Some DIY

If you are enthusiast of the noble art of DIY, you can fashion a gift in half a day. If you are sure of what the taste and liking of the recipient is, it is not only fun but also very thoughtful to give such a gift. The recipient will be delighted to receive such a personalized item. Plus, it does not take a lot of time if you know what you are doing.

Gift vouchers/ gift cards

A very open ended gift, cards and vouchers are best for the picky ones. If you are short of time or are not sure if your gift will be liked by the recipient go for this option. A gift card is equivalent to some price value – like a £30 gift card will mean the recipient can go shop in that store for free. The card is prepaid for that value. Many people like particular stores quite much, so this card works well.

Short of time does not mean you need to land up in party with nothing on you, or look lousy. Go for these ideas and save the day!


Author’s bio: She is a world renowned chef who specializes in baking and confectionary. Having several years of experience in this field, she contributes interesting articles to the website and many others.

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