DIY Chocolate Hampers

When it comes to deciding a gift for your loved ones, it is always a tough choice. As you want your gift to be a source of joy for the recipient, you take special care while choosing a gift for them. Sometimes it gets difficult to find the best gift that is both lovable and also suit your budget. Therefore, you have to consider of choosing a cheap gift hamper which might not attract the recipient or go with the alternative of making your own hamper. The latter option is more feasible as it gives you room to decide and select things as per your own choice. Thus here we give you simple tips on how to do your own hamper that will be both cheap and acceptable by the recipient.

The best and most favored gifts are chocolates and everyone has their own favorite. But you do not have to give chocolates by just buying from the market and deliver it to the recipient. You need to put a little effort to make it look like a proper gift. Even though chocolates are a common gift item but it is the way of presenting them that will please your loved one. In order to make cheap chocolate hampers, you need to follow the following steps.

  • First of all arrange for a basket or a box that will contain all the hamper items. You can always go with a simple cane basket that is easily available in the market at cheap prices. Otherwise you can easily arrange a box from your home, as there are often empty boxes at store rooms your mom keeps for later use. Once you get the basket or box, you need to design it to make it attractive. You can use paints, ribbons, or use beautiful wrapping papers from the market. Anything you think that would change the look of the hamper would work.

  • Now you need to get the chocolate collection. For that you can buy various flavors of chocolate like Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Chocolate with fruits and nuts, or any other flavors. If you know the recipient’s favorites then go with it.

  • Also while selecting chocolates you should not get only one type of chocolate like buying chocolate bars only. Bring some variety and buy various types of chocolates like bars, truffles, chocolate sticks etc.

  • Now the hamper should also get something additional with chocolate flavor to make it a pleasurable chocolate treat. For that matter, you can include certain more items like getting 2 chocolate pastries, one chocolate doughnut, chocolate cupcakes, chocolate brownies, chocolate cakeor a set of chocolate chip cookies.

  • If you do not wish to go with upper gourmet products due to their perishable nature then you can get some readymade items from the shelf. You might include chocolate spread, chocolate candies pack, chocolate wafers, chocolate bread, drinking chocolate, chocolate mix powder for tea or milk etc.

  • If you are gifting to an elder then you can include coffee as well. Many elders love coffee and having a cocoa coffee to their hamper would amuse them more. There are various types of coffee available in stores in different forms. You can get coffee jar, a coffee pack or if there are many other things in the hamper then a few sates of instant coffee would also work.

The chocolate products mentioned above are some of the vicious chocolate varieties that you can use to make your hamper. You can always select one or two of the above items in combinations according to your budget. For example, a simple hamper would include 2 chocolate bars (one milk and one dark chocolate), one chocolate cup cake, 2 brownies, a chocolate chip cookie set, a coffee pack and drinking chocolate.These products are good enough to make cheap chocolate hampers.


Author’s bio: She is a world renowned chef who specializes in baking and confectionary. Having several years of experience in this field, she contributes interesting articles to the website and many others.

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