What’s in a hamper?

Many people believe that the actual value of a gift lies only in the gift itself. It doesn’t matter how the gift was packed, what kind of box or wrapper was used. The gift is good so the person receiving it would certainly be happy. Well, in most cases, this would hold good. But there are times when postal or delivery service companies mess up – the gifts sometimes get damaged to such an extent that they look nothing like the original gift!

If you are sending something delicate as a gift especially, for example chocolates by post, then you have to be extra special about the way your gift is packed. Chocolates are edible gifts that have limited shelf lives. It’s also kind of scary when you think about this – the more expensive or unique your chocolate is, the more delicately they need to be handled and the faster they need to be consumed. So, what’s the point in spending a lot of money on fancy chocolate, or other gifts like flowers and wines, if they don’t reach the recipient in good time and shape?! There is little we can do about the time as it all depends on how quickly the delivery company works, but we can control how safe the gift is when delivered, in a fashionable way.

Gift hampers are great ways of adding beauty to your gift and at the same time protecting it. Even small gifts such as toys, rings, key chains and other knick knacks can be beautifully wrapped, say in a bag of fine gauze and tied with a satin ribbon to give it a festive look. When you’re sending a gift to another place, here are some hamper and hamper packing techniques that you could keep in mind:

1. Traditional hampers are made of wicker. Wickers baskets, bins, boxes and many other kinds of containers have been used for very long time for utilitarian purposes as well as for gifts. So, the next time you have a bunch of things you need delivered, put them all in a wicker basket, wrap it up neatly and send it off to its destination.

2. Wooden hamper boxes are not as boring as they sound. You can do a lot of art with wood, as is evident by many sculptures and furniture that artists and simple craftsmen have astounded us with. Wooden gift hamper boxes can be customized according to the kind and size of the gift. What’s more, like wicker items, wooden boxes can be very useful later too, even after they have served their purpose.

3. Are you dropping off a big load of pastries and desserts at your beloved’s house? Are you taking desserts as a gift for your hostess who is organizing a party you have been invited to? Then why don’t you box the desserts up prettily in cupcake and cake boxes. These are usually simple box shaped with the cover in the shape of a domed lid and a handle to carry the box. These boxes are made to look sweet, just like the things kept inside them.

It is a good idea to decorate your hampers outside with tassels, glitter powder and other such things to make them look more attractive. You could also stuff the inside of the box with crinkled paper in bright colours to provide more safety to the gift while making the interior of the hamper pleasant as well.


Author’s bio: She is a world renowned chef who specializes in baking and confectionary. Having several years of experience in this field, she contributes interesting articles to the website http://www.expressgiftservice.co.uk and many others.

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