No Bake Christmas chocolate delight:

Christmas is a time for enjoying sweets and chocolates. No party is complete without the sweet desserts and Christmas chocolates. I am a great chocolate lover. I not only love to eat chocolates, but also do experiments for baking chocolate cakes, cookies and also desserts. Once I have eaten a delicious chocolate delight at a famous restaurant in New York. It was so amazing and it worth for its cost. But intelligently I note down all the ingredients. Luckily, when I tried making it, I got a 100% same version. I was so pleased to enjoy it. Now, whenever I have the craving for that dessert I can make it by my elf. It’s so simple.

Here I am becoming generous to share the recipe as a Christmas gift from my side. On this Christmas why not serve your guests with a new and amazing delight. Its irresistible good and delicious. The best thing for this dessert is that it’s a no bake dessert. Even a beginner can make it. You simply have to assemble the ingredients.


  • 1 Ib Chocolate brownie
  • One pack 8 Oz Whipped cream (chilled)
  • 1 cup Chocolate syrup
  • Half cup Mixed nuts (Almonds, Pistaso, Cashew, Raisins)
  • 1 can small Fruit cocktail
  • Digestive biscuits one pack
  • 4 tablespoon caster sugar


  1. Add caster sugar and Wipe the cream with medium speed until light and fluffy.
  2. Crush the digestive biscuits and make the base of your dessert with it.
  3. Cut small pieces of brownie and spread them on the biscuits
  4. Put the fruit cocktail and nuts.
  5. Pour the chocolate syrup evenly on all the dishes
  6. Finally, add the whipped cream and garnish it with fruits, nuts and chocolate shaving

Note: Place it in the refrigerator for 3-4 hours and serve chilled.

Servings: This dessert will serve 4-6 peoples

Preparation time: 10 Minutes

Two layers chocolate delight in a mug:

This delight is a good option for individual servings. This will look more sophisticatedand easy to serve. Make two layers of brownies for more temptation.

  1. Take a glass cup. It’s good to take an ice-cream serving cup.
  2. Pour few drops of chocolate syrup on the sides to make a chocolate design on the glass walls.
  3. Place the biscuit layer first. Add brownie and whipped cream
  4. Then put the fruit cocktail, nuts and some more brownie chunks
  5. Pour the chocolate syrup evenly.
  6. Add the whipped cream
  7. Decorate it with cherries and chocolate shavings.

Servings: Makes 4 servings cup with the above-mentioned quantity.

This dessert is heaven in a mug. For the sweet tooth and chocoholic, this dessert is a full-time treat indeed. Its high in nutritions too. There are fruit and nuts which rank this dessert high in the nutrition list. You can serve it on any number of occasions. One can enjoy eating it as an afternoon treat, evening delight or a midnight snack. Serving this Chocolate delight to the guests will bring loads of appreciations.


Author’s bio: She is a world renowned chef who specializes in baking and confectionary. Having several years of experience in this field, she contributes interesting articles to the website and many others.

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