Valentine’s Day is a special day of expressing love. One can assemble wonderful gift baskets to present your loved one whether a wife, lover, friend or children.

It is undeniably a wonderful feeling to be gifted a luxurious gift basket from your Valentine arranged in a special tray, wrapped up in lovely wrapping paper. The lovely treats inside may be embellished with ribbons. The treats can be ones like leading brands of cookies and chocolates.

As you unwrap the gift, your heart may be thudding to know what is inside- your favourite, delicious desserts like fresh and spicy cookies or luscious chocolates enhanced with crunchy hazelnuts or roasted almonds. This is a truly joyous and exciting moment to receive a luxurious gift basket from your valentine. You feel blessed and thankful for this show of affection from your loved one.

One type of Valentine gift basket may be designed around cookies. Fresh, delicious cookies of assorted flavours may be arranged, into a gift basket, to win the heart of your loved one. For example, red and sweetheart pink Oreos may be packed along with candies, fruits and other delicious snacks to make a winning gift basket.

Other idea for Valentine’s Day gift basket is a spa day basket. Either gift a day at a spa or include spa items that you can use inside your home. The basket may be a sweet smelling spa basket filled with spa products only for her. With this gift basket, you are giving her an opportunity to relax and rejuvenate.

Another idea for Luxurious Valentine’s day gift basket is a chocolate hamper. Since ancient times, chocolates have been popular drinks or edibles, gifted for special occasions like weddings and birthdays. They also have a special meaning for Valentine’s Day as an icon of love and affection. Chocolates may be of different types like dark, milk and white chocolate and different brands like Hershey’s or Godiva. They may be enhanced with raisins and roasted nuts. Chocolate hampers in UK are available for same day delivery after ordering online.

Flowers are a great idea for gifting on Valentine’s Day. Especially long stemmed red roses are very popular. They come in beautiful packaging, and these wonderful red blooms are likely to leave your loved one blushing with happiness. Surprise him or her by ordering these luxury baskets online for delivery to his or her workplace. A wicker basket filled with fresh fruit like berries, grapes and oranges, candies and sweet-smelling, colourful flowers makes for an excellent luxury Valentine’s Day gift basket. This package can be ordered online and delivered to any address nationwide. Surprise your loved one with this package filled with flowers and goodies.

Another idea for gift basket is a snack basket. It can contain coffee or tea sachets, snacks and munchies all packed in a crate embellished with red floating ribbons. Your friend, husband or lover will certainly appreciate this gift as an answer to his cravings. Ultimately, let your romantic sentiments hold sway while assembling your Valentine’s Day luxury gift basket.


Author’s bio: She is a world renowned chef who specializes in baking and confectionary. Having several years of experience in this field, she contributes interesting articles to the website and many others.

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