Why is chocolate as a gift such a good idea?

Some of you may wonder – is this even a valid question? Chocolates are, of course, loved for their flavour by billions of people all over the world! But like they say, tastes differ from people to people, even region to region. Many of us have availed of the online chocolates delivery facility several times by now.

Sweethearts expressing their love for each other, a parent spoiling his daughter studying at university or even a grandchild showing his care for his grandma – chocolates have been used in a variety of occasions. But here are some fun filled facts that should make gifting them in future even more interesting! And for those of you have not yet tried chocolates as a gift, here are some reasons that should convince you to do so while you fall in love with them yourselves!

  • The aroma – You know how pure chocolate has a wonderfully warm aroma that has even been used in deodorants now-a-days? This unique smell is known to increase the theta brain waves, which are responsible for making us feel relaxed!
  • White is not it! – White chocolate, beware, is in fact not chocolate! Although they may be packed like regular chocolate, they in fact only contain milk, sugar and other ingredients but without a trace of any cocoa – the ingredient from which chocolate derives its name!
  • How much of cocoa? – Ever been curious about how much of cocoa has to be used to prepare the delicious treats? Well, it has been found that at least 400 cocoa beans are used to make just one pound of chocolate!
  • The love of chocolate! – Did you know that the person who made the first chocolate chip cookie (invented it, basically), did not receive a fabulous amount of wealth for this now-staple-food-for-many?! The inventor just sold the recipe to nestle Toll House in return for a unique promise – he wanted an unlimited supply of chocolate for the rest of his life! And to think we were crazy about chocolate!
  • For our soldiers – Mars, Incorporated, did a noble gesture for brave soldiers by inventing the M&Ms. These were chocolate candies shaped and prepared in such a way that they did not melt too easily. Thus, even soldiers could have a bite of this tasty delight and get a few moments’ respite from their dangerous job.
  • For the health conscious – Parents tend to restrict the number of chocolate bars their children have, and for good reason! You wouldn’t be able to enjoy them with rotten teeth! So while you responsible consume chocolate, also remember that scientists have found out that if you have dark chocolate every day, you are in fact reducing your chances of suffering from heart related diseases by almost a third!

Chocolate is found in so many different forms – it can be a sauce, it can be a bar, it can be coated around wafer, it can be combined with a cookie, it can be used to line a desert or cake or it can be sprinkled over a dish. No wonder it is such a popular gifting item all over the world!


Author’s bio: She is a world renowned chef who specializes in baking and confectionary. Having several years of experience in this field, she contributes interesting articles to the website http://www.expressgiftservice.co.uk and many others.

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