Treats that just cannot be ignored!

Can you imagine any celebration without some delicious drinks and food included? Even, for a simple affair such as wine tasting, there are various types of cheese and breads that are served to the connoisseurs so they can better judge the quality of the wines! One of the toughest choices one has to make when it comes to planning an event is the kind of refreshment that is to be offered. Main course can more or less be planned in accordance with personal and religious preferences of the guests. But what about the little sweet treats?! What about the desserts?

For a bride-to-be, there is a specific period allotted to sample various types of wedding cakes and choose the right one. Kids having birthday parties get to choose the toffees that are most popular in their class, professionals stick to same choices and get a little of everything to appease all appetites! But till date, one of the most popular ingredients that are loved by one and all is chocolate! This has made many people go weak in the knees and close their eyes for a few moments just to appreciate its flavour once that bit of cake, pastry or chocolate bar has been put into the mouth.

There are a number of celebrations chocolates that you can choose from in the market. Some of them can also easily be posted because they last for a longer time and available well wrapped. Bestsellers in festive chocolate goods this year are:

  • Cadbury Ultimate Basket
  • Disney Frozen Chocolate Adventure Collection
  • Cadbury Treasure Box
  • Finest Belgian Chocolate Assortment – which also contains Milk Fondue Chocolate Drops
  • Classic LindtLindor Basket, a variety of the Lindt Chocolate Lovers Gift Bag

More about chocolates

The key to making your chocolate gift perfect is to know what kind of chocolates would be favoured by the recipient.

  • Dark or black chocolates have a high concentration of the finest cocoa. Hence, they are bittersweet and can be combined with various flavours and nuts just like regular chocolate. If the person you are gifting the hamper to does not like strong flavours or only likes those milky and sweet ones, these should be avoided.


  • Milk chocolate is preferred by the majority all over the world. It, as the name suggests, has a high percentage of milk combined with little cocoa and sugar to create some of the most soft and smooth chocolates in the world. They are sweet and tend to spoil faster so you may want to use them for nearby relatives and friends and not for hampers being sent far away.

10_milk choclate

  • Compound chocolate – When you have cocoa mixed with vegetable fats instead of cocoa butter to get that creamy texture, you’ve got yourself a flavour that’s unique and can be used as candy coatings too.

As you will note, most companies offer chocolate hampers rather than a big basket of just 1 type of chocolate. The reason is there are just so many different varieties there and foodies would love to sample most, if not all of them! So, choose a hamper with a larger variety if you are going to be entertaining a diverse group of people.


Author’s bio: She is a world renowned chef who specializes in baking and confectionary. Having several years of experience in this field, she contributes interesting articles to the website and many others.

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