Everybody Adores These Mouth-Watering Temptations

Chocolates, by their very nature, are mesmerizing! Age does not matter; it is hard for anyone to resist the look, feel and taste of these mouth-watering confectionaries. Hence, they can prove to be one of the best gifts to offer someone, whatever be the occasion. You can go overboard with your imaginative presentations, ranging from simple to gourmet. Here are some ideas for preparing chocolate gifts.


A Pregnant Woman has a Sweet Tooth

  • Imagine that you have been invited to a baby shower. Offer the would-be mother a delectable assortment of chocolate lollipops in the form of a bouquet. You may add a personal touch by preparing the lollipops yourself. Use tulle, colored paper, ribbons, tissue paper, and so on, to embellish the chocolate bouquet.
  • Get some fortune cookies with personalized messages. The messages can focus on future happiness, the newborn, etc. Dip them in white or dark-colored chocolate; even a combination of white and rick dark texture will do. Wrap them up, and place them in a decorated tin.


  • Do you know how to prepare crunchy, chocolate chip cookies? If you do, shape them to look like baby clothing, toys, and the like. Plunge them into rich dark chocolate, or white chocolate, and take them out. After they dry, wrap the cookies in gaily-colored wrappers. Place them in a nicely decorated box.

Make Them Yourself

Recipients of gifts always cherish that ‘personal touch.’ It would be nice if you could practice some chocolate recipes at home and prepare your own gifts.

  • Edible art comprises of a painting of chocolate. Purchase different chocolate dyes; mix them with melted chocolate stored in different containers. The melted chocolate serves as your edible paint and brush. Next, place a large cardboard piece or a steel tray on the countertop or table; this will form the base for your painting. Next, place the printout of your chosen design on the bottom of the tray or on the cardboard, and cover it with parchment paper. This is the stencil over which you spread the melted chocolate, which should not be too hot. Otherwise, you will find bubbles all over the place. When the painting hardens, take it out by turning it over; pack in a gift box.
  • Melt and mold refers to a chocolate sculpture. You could use a readymade mold, or create chocolate clay. It is easy to obtain a mold and fashion a sculpted object of your choice. If you wish to do everything on your own, melt white, rich dark, or a combination of both types first. Add corn syrup to the melted mixture and spread over waxed paper. Distribute it evenly, until you have a coating that is about half-an-inch thick. Cover this with another sheet of waxed paper. Remove after three hours. Create a chocolate sculpture with it.

Thus, it is possible to come up with all manner of unique chocolate gifts; the ideas presented here are just a few. You may even send chocolates to UK packaged in nicely decorated boxes or baskets, to distant places.


Author’s bio: She is a world renowned chef who specializes in baking and confectionary. Having several years of experience in this field, she contributes interesting articles to the website http://www.expressgiftservice.co.uk and many others.

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