A scientific reason….. Why chocolate makes a perfect present for your girlfriend?

Gift selection is always a difficult take. And for me it is the most problematic task on earth. You have to think about your budget, the person liking and what’s in what’s out of fashion. You have to spend a handsome time in malls to find a perfect gift that should match the occasion and all the other criteria. And after doing so much hard work there are many times that you find the receiver don’t like your gift. Ah, what to do then?  Finding a gift for a gift friend is even trickier.  According to a random sample survey by student of the Manchester university psychology department with a sample of 350 males of the UK aged 20-27 years. 85% said that we fail to fulfill the girl’s expectations in gifting. You might bring something according to your best knowledge of her liking, but the girl’s used to say that she was expecting something else. What to do in this kind of scenario?  The best option for pleasing a girl is send chocolates to her. No matter whatever the occasion is, chocolates suits best in all scenarios. It’s not because we have seen this thing happens but there is a scientific season behind it:

1.     Reflex action

The girls’ hormones level does not remain static. It keeps on shifting with a greater frequency. Sometimes it goes up and sometimes it goes down. The hormone level is responsible for the several physical and emotional ups and downs. To bring about a steady pattern of these hormones, girls eat chocolates as a reflex action.

2.      Spurt of energy

This one is interesting. The brain produces a potion called phenylethylamine when a girl falls in love, which is incidentally present in chocolate too. So when girls consume chocolate, they get energy from the sugar and cocoa in it and the phenylethylamine enhances their mood. These two combined to take girls to new heights and give them pleasure.

  1. Feeling of Pure happiness

Research have shown that when we eat anything sweet it help to release the hormones of happiness. It gives us inner pleasure and joy. So the sweetness of chocolates also helps to give your mood a positive swing.

  1. Lose weight:

The new series of research has shown that dark chocolates help in weight loss. Girls are very weight conscious and they want to look slim and smart. So they love to eat chocolates to lose weight and look smarter.

After reading this informative article, it becomes quite easy for you to select a gift for your girlfriend.


Author’s bio: She is a world renowned chef who specializes in baking and confectionary. Having several years of experience in this field, she contributes interesting articles to the website http://www.expressgiftservice.co.uk and many others.

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