A chocolaty Birthday for a Choco crazed loved one

“Chocolates are the most satisfying dessert” according to the research done by university of California. The research caters people of different age groups, for different backgrounds and belongs to different cultures. The form varies in which it is eaten, some people like chocolate bars, and other prefer ice-cream, shakes or cake. But the main element, i.e. Chocolate is the same.

If you have to wish someone on his birthday who is a chocoholic, then never think to gift anything other than chocolate. For him, chocolate is everything. And if by chance you decided to select something else, then be ready that he will just open your gift, maybe he praised it a bit, and then put it aside, but show a crazy reaction of thanks to someone other who have gifted him the chocolates.

Presenting just a box of chocolate is awesome, but there are many other special ways by which you can delight your chocoholic.

Chocolate bouquet:

Do you find it difficult to choose between flowers or chocolates? Or maybe you want to give both, but just presenting a box of chocolate with a traditional bouquet might look boring to you? Why not try out a chocolate bouquet? A fragrant bouquet loaded with his favorite chocolates and arranged in the form of a stylish flower arrangement is a perfect gift to delight. These bouquets also make sending chocolates by post more attractive and impressive.


Chocolate cake:

No cake can match the deliciousness of the chocolate cake. A chocoholic wants nothing but to cut a delicious finger linking good chocolate cake on his special day, a cake that truly satisfies his Choco crazing. So let your loved one cut the cake that will make him drool. This would be the most memorable gift for his amazing Choco love taste buds.

Chocolate Hamper:

Not able to decide what kind or brand of chocolate to gift? Want to pamper him with your ultimate love in a special way? Just take a presentable box or a can basket and put chocolaty stuff in it. Ranging from chocolate bars, candies, cookies, brownies, chocolate syrup etc. Let him enjoy his birthday with a swim in the love of your chocolate gift.

afaf_chocolate (1)

Just keep in mind, until and unless the gifts don’t make the birthday girl or boy happy, it is of no use then. So let him feel happy and spoil him a bit with these coddling ideas of true indulgence.


Author’s bio: She is a world renowned chef who specializes in baking and confectionary. Having several years of experience in this field, she contributes interesting articles to the website http://www.expressgiftservice.co.uk and many others.

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