How to Stay Available For All Your Loved Ones

Your loved ones are the most important part of your life. In fact, they are the ones who give your precious memories and allow you to experience true life among the hassle of job, career and other problems. Your mom, dad, girlfriend and best friend, they all share a big part of your heart. Hence, you want to be with them whenever they need you.

However, the busy life of modern society makes it difficult for people to stay available for the loved ones. Plus, only a few of them realize the emptiness and make efforts to change the habits.

For all those people who want to stay available for their loved ones, here are a few necessary tips.

1. Start with small things

Your busy schedule is a big problem, which you can’t change overnight. Hence, you should start with a few small changes. You can start your day by giving a naughty kiss to your wife, or call your girlfriend to express your love. Go out and chat with your mom and your kids. The idea is to start your day by interacting with the important people in your life.

Adding to that, occasions like mother’s day, friendship day, Valentine’s Day and others are important. You can offer your affection to the loved ones. Even small things like mothers day cake delivery are enough to make her day memorable. So, start making these small efforts.

2. Surprise without any occasion

There is no need to stay dependent on the occasions to surprise your loved ones. Paying your friend a surprise visit, or taking your girlfriend out for dinner, these things become more effective when given without any occasion.

Adding to that, you can surprise your friends and family members by sending gifts. This is a great way of staying emotionally available for them even when you are busy with your work.

3. Remember important days

The role of a son, a friend, a daughter, a mom, a boyfriend and all the others require you to be very good with dates. The birthdays, anniversaries and other important days become important if you want to be there for your loved ones. Hence, make sure that you remember these important days.

Even if you live out of your town, try sending your love with relevant gifts. You can send a cake for father’s day, and gift a bouquet to your girlfriend on Valentine’s Day. Allow all your loved ones to feel your presence even when you can’t appear physically on the occasion.

4. Help them out if you can

The most important part is to stay available when your loved ones are in trouble. Make sure you help them out whenever you find them in any sort of problem. However, it is not possible that you can resolve all kinds of problems. But you should try to help them whenever and as much as you can.

Finally, put all your effort into making small moments worthy for your parents, family members, girlfriend, and friends.


Author’s bio: She is a world renowned chef who specializes in baking and confectionary. Having several years of experience in this field, she contributes interesting articles to the website and many others.