Best Birthday Chocolates Ever

Chocolates are one of the most delightful gift as they are famous for their luscious flavors and the exquisite emotional impact they have. There are various occasions where chocolates can be considered as the perfect gift for the recipient like Wedding Anniversary, Christmas, Birthday or Mother’s Day. Of all the occasions, Birthdays are the most common event to send chocolates for Birthdays can be celebrated in formal setting with proper planned celebrations or they can be a random get together with just a few family and friends to share your joy of being grown up. This sweet moment thus is delightfully celebrated with a marvelous birthday chocolates gift.

Nowadays there are some customized birthday chocolates that are getting people’s attention. Now chocolates are not given as simple bars or a box bought from the shop. There are some exclusively designed chocolate packs that are specially made for the event. Here are a few chocolates that are customized according to the Birthday event and would be fascinating to inspire the recipient with their scrumptious flavors and gorgeous designs.

Happy Birthday Chocolate

This stylish and trendy chocolate box contains the chocolate letters saying ‘birthday’ are a fabulous treat. These are the handmade blend of dark and white Belgian chocolates giving you the finest quality of flavors all settled in a stylish box. You can present this beautiful assortment of Belgian chocolates to your loved one with full confidence.

Truffle Selection

If you want to indulge in the ecstatic world of chocolate flavor, then this truffle selection chocolate box is a remarkable choice. These gorgeously chocolate dripped truffles of three different flavors of Strawberry Champagne, Caramel, and Triple Chocolate Brownie are the most vivacious chocolates you have ever tried. They are small in size but will certainly drool over your recipient’s mind for a long time.

Flowers and Truffle Chocolates

If you want to go with a traditional combination of flowers and chocolates then go with it but with a little twist. This lip smacking Strawberry Champagne Truffles assorted with beautifully carved flower shaped milk chocolates would give you an exclamatory response from the recipient. These deadly delicious flowers and truffle chocolates are enough to please a lady of your dreams.

Chocolate Cupcakes and Daisies

Fascinating in looks and tempting in taste, these daisies and cupcakes are going to splash your taste buds with their luscious flavors. These handmade Belgian chocolates contains hand painted dark and white chocolate daisies and Belgian chocolate cupcakes of white chocolate. Want to impress your loved one with something exquisite yet affordable? You must send chocolatesof these sorts to mark your impressions in good books forever.

Belgian Truffles Ballotin

If you want to give them a memorable chocolate coated experience that they will remember for a long time, then you must send this Belgian Truffles Ballotin box to entice their feelings on their celebration. This luxurious Red Heart Ballotin Box contains Milk salted Caramels, Dark Chilli Truffles, and Pistachio Marzipan. These are the classiest truffles you would ever taste and would never let go of their unforgettable flavors.

Strawberry Milk Chocolate Ballotin Box

Those who are in love with milk and white chocolates must try this sinful chocolate collection. Though simple in appearance, these mouthwatering temptations include Milk Chocolate Caramels, Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate Fudge, Strawberry white chocolate fillings to sooth your taste buds. These splendid combinations of truffle flavors would fascinate your recipient with their refreshing flavors.

20 Belgian Chocolate Selection

These 20 different Belgian chocolate assortments are a unique collection of mouth bursting flavors. The box contains exclusive Belgian chocolates like Honey Crunch Praline, Smooth Chocolate Mousse, Ginger and Vanilla Cream Compote and a lot more. These ravishing flavors will make an elite gift hamper for any formal occasion.


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