Eat Chocolates, Be Healthy

Chocolates are not only sinfully delicious, but recent studies point out that they are a healthy type of food. In fact, they have a slew of health benefits.


For instance, a recent study found that chocolates may help keep the brains of the elderly healthy and sharpen their thinking. Participants of the study, who for 30 days consumed two cups of cocoa daily, witnessed an increase in blood flow to the brain by 8.3%. They also improved their score in thinking and memory tests.

These new findings are just part of the picture. There are numerous other health benefits of eating chocolates. Some of them are:


  • Healthy heart: Research has found that in high-risk patients, consuming chocolate daily might reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack. Like tea, chocolates contain flavonoids, which are anti-oxidant compounds. They protect human cells from harmful molecules- the free radicals which are produced during the breaking down of food by the body or when it is exposed to some or sunlight. Also, flavonoids reduce blood pressure and lower LDL (harmful) cholesterol. Thus chocolate keeps the heart healthy.
  • Slimming potential: If you have believed that chocolates cause obesity and only have harmful fats, think again. A study found that persons, who consume chocolates, are slimmer than those who did not. Participants in the study, who consumed chocolates five times a week or more, had a lower BMI (Body Mass index) than persons who did not eat chocolates, that frequently.
  • Control of appetite: Filling fibre is found in chocolates that is a natural suppressant of appetite. So eating a bit of chocolate to satisfy your craving will fill your stomach and stop you from bingeing on other food.
  • Improve mood: Chocolates stimulate the production of endorphins- chemicals in your brain, which bring about feelings of pleasure. It also contains Serotonin, a chemical that functions as an anti-depressant.


  • Protects skin: Researchers in Germany found that flavonoids in chocolate absorb UV light, help protect and enhance blood flow to skin and improves the complexion and hydration of skin.
  • Memory decline: Harvard Medical School scientists say that consuming two cups of hot chocolate a day will maintain the health of the brain and stop memory decline in the elderly. By enhancing blood flow to the brain, chocolate may play a big role in diseases like Alzheimer’s.

Here are some tips to make the best of chocolate:

  • Darker the chocolate, better for health: Pure chocolate tastes bitter, so it is mixed in a bar with other ingredients. But it is this part (dark bitter chocolate) which has the good stuff: magnesium, fibre and anti oxidants.


  • Prepare your own hot cocoa: Hot cocoa bought in a packet is convenient, but homemade cocoa is more beneficial. To enhance the nutrition of your hot cocoa, purchase unsweetened chocolate powder and add sweetener. The darker the cocoa, the better it is for your health.
  • Go creative: If you don’t fancy drinking hot cocoa or eating bars of dark chocolate regularly, go for other options. For e.g., you can sprinkle cocoa powder in your cold cereal or oat meal.

These are some tips to include chocolate in your diet. If you wish to send chocolates as a gift to someone you love, use online chocolate baskets delivery. This is a gift sure to be appreciated.


Author’s bio: She is a world renowned chef who specializes in baking and confectionary. Having several years of experience in this field, she contributes interesting articles to the website and many others.

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